Filmed in Austin, Manitoba, Canada by Peter Philipsen (LanceOwcepoof). Certified Guinness world record as the largest operational agricultural plow. This demonstration pitted five examples of the century old Rumely 30-60 Model E oil pull traction engines against 66 Cockshutt 14 inch plow bottoms cutting a furrow 77 feet wide. Former Cockshutt CEO, Bill Cockshutt was present to plant the first plow bottom in the soil. The massive implement was built by 700 volunteers of the Manitoba Agricultural Museum. The huge drawbar was built to handle 4 Rumely's, however rain and heavy soil conditions made the fifth unit necessary. This breaks the previous world record of 60 plow bottoms of 14 inches. The Rumely Model E's are identical units to those used to set the original record in 1911. Video Source: by LanceOwcepoof

Rumely OilPull History

The Rumely OilPull was a line of farm tractors developed by Advance-Rumely Company from 1910 to 1930. Most were very large tractors powered by kerosene-burning engines. The engine was designed to burn all kerosene grades at any load. A popular model, the Type F, had a single cylinder of 10″ bore and a 12″ stroke. It was started by the operator stepping out of the cab via the large iron rear wheel, climbing onto the flywheel and using his bodyweight to get it turning, then quickly rushing back into the cab to adjust the choke and try to keep the engine running. Models Heavy Weights Kerosene Annie Rumely Model “B” Prototype. Only one remains, its fate uncertain. Model “B” 25-45 1910 Serial# 1 – 100 1911 Serial# 2,101 – 2,269…

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